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Naufraga balearica

Taxonomy: Angiospermae, Apiales, Apiaceae, Naufraga

Published: 2016-07-13

Pollen Description

Shape, Size and Aperture

pollen unit: monad,  dispersal unit and peculiarities: monad,  size (pollen unit): small (10-25 µm),  pollen class: colporate,  polarity: isopolar,  shape: prolate,  outline in polar view: circular,  shape (dry pollen): -,  outline in polar view (dry pollen): -,  infoldings (dry pollen): -,  aperture number: 3,  aperture type: colporus,  aperture condition: colporate, tricolporate,  aperture peculiarities: -

Ornamentation and Structure

LMornamentation LM: -,  nexine: -,  sexine: -,  SEMornamentation SEM: -,  TEMtectum: eutectate,  infratectum: columellate,  foot layer: continuous,  endexine: compact-continuous,  intine: monolayered,  wall peculiarities: -


pollen coatings: pollen coating vesicles,  reserves in cytoplasm: -,  cell number: 3-celled,  Ubisch bodies: present

Author(s) of diagnosis: Weber, Martina


pollen wall

1. pollen wall

Picture legend

  1. pollen wall - fresh, glutaraldehyde, uranyl acetate & lead citrate, photographer: Weber, M.


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