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PrimulaceaePrimula auriculata  polar view (long-styled morph)equatorial view (long-styled morph)aperture (long-styled morph) 
PrimulaceaePrimula clusianaflower(s) hydrated pollen grainsequatorial viewequatorial view 
PrimulaceaePrimula denticulataflower(s) polar viewequatorial viewaperture 
PrimulaceaePrimula elatiorflower(s) slightly oblique polar view; 7 colpislightly oblique polar view; 5 colpiequatorial view 
PrimulaceaePrimula farinosahabitus polar viewequatorial viewexine surface 
PrimulaceaePrimula glutinosahabitus hydrated pollen grains (long-styled morph)polar view (short-styled morph)polar view (long-styled morph) 
PrimulaceaePrimula latifoliahabitus hydrated pollenoblique polar viewequatorial view 
PrimulaceaePrimula meadiainflorescence(s) hydrated pollen grainspolar viewequatorial view 
PrimulaceaePrimula minimaflower(s) slightly oblique polar viewequatorial viewaperture 
PrimulaceaePrimula verisflower(s) hydrated pollen grains; short-styled morph (left) and long-styled morph (right)polar view (long-styled morph)equatorial view (long-styled morph) 
PrimulaceaePrimula vialiihabitus polar viewequatorial viewaperture 
PrimulaceaePrimula vulgaris  hydrated pollen grains (long-styled morph)polar view (short-styled morph)equatorial view (short-styled morph)pollen grain in cross section (long-styled morph)pollen grain in cross section (long-styled morph)pollen grain in cross section with pollenkitt droplets (long-styled morph)