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Acaena microphylla

Taxonomy: Angiospermae, Rosales, Rosaceae, Acaena

Published: 2016-03-15

Pollen Description

Shape, Size and Aperture

pollen unit: monad,  dispersal unit and peculiarities: monad,  size (pollen unit): medium-sized (26-50 µm),  pollen class: colporate,  polarity: isopolar,  shape: spheroidal,  outline in polar view: circular,  shape (dry pollen): irregular,  outline in polar view (dry pollen): irregular,  infoldings (dry pollen): irregularly infolded,  aperture number: 3,  aperture type: colporus,  aperture condition: colporate, tricolporate,  aperture peculiarities: pontoperculum

Ornamentation and Structure

LMornamentation LM: -,  nexine: -,  sexine: -,  SEMornamentation SEM: verrucate, microechinate,  TEMtectum: -,  infratectum: -,  foot layer: -,  endexine: -,  intine: -,  wall peculiarities: -


pollen coatings: -,  reserves in cytoplasm: -,  cell number: -,  Ubisch bodies: -

Author(s) of diagnosis: Halbritter, Heidemarie


polar view

1. polar view

equatorial view

2. equatorial view

detail of aperture

3. detail of aperture

exine surface

4. exine surface

dry pollen grains

5. dry pollen grains

Picture legend

  1. polar view - fresh, rehydrated (water) & critical point dried & sputter coated with gold, photographer: Halbritter, H.
  2. equatorial view - fresh, rehydrated (water) & critical point dried & sputter coated with gold, photographer: Halbritter, H.
  3. detail of aperture - fresh, rehydrated (water) & critical point dried & sputter coated with gold, photographer: Halbritter, H.
  4. exine surface - fresh, rehydrated (water) & critical point dried & sputter coated with gold, photographer: Halbritter, H.
  5. dry pollen grains - dry, sputter coated with gold, photographer: Halbritter, H.


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