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Crataegus tanacetifolia

Taxonomy: Angiospermae, Rosales, Rosaceae, Maloideae, Crataegus

Published: 2020-05-15

Pollen Description

Shape, Size and Aperture

pollen unit: monad,  dispersal unit and peculiarities: monad,  size (pollen unit): large (51-100 µm),  pollen class: colporate,  polarity: isopolar,  shape: spheroidal,  outline in polar view: triangular,  shape (dry pollen): prolate,  outline in polar view (dry pollen): -,  infoldings (dry pollen): -,  aperture number: 3,  aperture type: colporus,  aperture condition: colporate, tricolporate,  aperture peculiarities: -

Ornamentation and Structure

LMornamentation LM: rugulate,  nexine: -,  sexine: -,  SEMornamentation SEM: rugulate,  TEMtectum: -,  infratectum: -,  foot layer: -,  endexine: -,  intine: -,  wall peculiarities: -


pollen coatings: -,  reserves in cytoplasm: -,  cell number: -,  Ubisch bodies: -

Author(s) of diagnosis: Cetinbas-Genc, Aslihan



1. inflorescence(s)


2. flower(s)

polar view

3. polar view

polar view

4. polar view

exine surface

5. exine surface

Picture legend

  1. inflorescence(s), photographer: Cetinbas-Genc, A.
  2. flower(s), photographer: Cetinbas-Genc, A.
  3. polar view - fixed, formalin-acetic-alcohol, toluidine blue, photographer: Cetinbas-Genc, A.
  4. polar view - fixed, formalin-acetic-alcohol & sputter coated with gold, photographer: Cetinbas-Genc, A.
  5. exine surface - fixed, formalin-acetic-alcohol & sputter coated with gold, photographer: Cetinbas-Genc, A.


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