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SalicaceaePopulus alba pollen grain with generative cellupper focushydrated pollen grainexine surfacedry pollen grainsinterapertural area of pollen wallvegetative nucleus (left) and generative cell (right)Ubisch bodies on inner anther wall
SalicaceaePopulus canescens  hydrated pollen grainshydrated pollen grainexine surface 
SalicaceaePopulus nigrahabitusacetolyzed pollen,upper focusacetolyzed pollen,optical sectionhydrated pollen grainshydrated pollen grainexine surfacepollen grain in cross sectionpollen wall, interapertural areapollen wall, interapertural area
SalicaceaePopulus tremulahabitusacetolyzed pollen,upper viewacetolyzed pollen,optical sectionhydrated pollen grainexine surfaceexine surface (more expanded and ruptured)pollen wallvegetative nucleus and generative cell