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MalvaceaeTilia americana hydrated pollenhydrated pollen  
MalvaceaeTilia cordata hydrated pollenhydrated pollenpolar viewequatorial viewaperture 
MalvaceaeTilia euchlorahabitus of Tilia euchloraupper focusoptical sectionpolar viewequatorial viewaperture 
MalvaceaeTilia platyphyllos hydrated pollenhydrated pollenpolar viewdetail of apertureexine surfacepollen grains and part of tapetum wall (bottom)hydrated pollen grainaperture
MalvaceaeTilia tomentosahabitus of Tilia tomentosaupper focusoptical sectionpolar viewequatorial viewaperturepollen grain in cross sectioninterapertural area of pollen wallapertural area of pollen wall